Back Country Rack Online Store

Backcountry Racks Online Store

Our company was established after partners Scott and John created what they found to be a flexible and practical design that they could attach to their snowmobiles in order to carry a combination of snowboards and skis. Sometimes they wanted to carry two pairs of skis, sometimes they wanted to carry two snowboards, or even one of each type.... their new design of snowboard rack is adaptable to any such wish!


This rack is equipped to carry a snowboard on one side and skis on the other.  We supply one strap for the snowboard side, and two straps for the ski side. There are ratchets on either end of the straps for infinite adjustment.  These racks are 16.125" wide to fit the Ski-doo with slotted holes for hold down bolts.  Drilling four holes in the tunnel for mounting is required (hold down bolts are supplied).  Racks will fit any Ski-Doo models.

$420.00 CAD